(99) Apps for Saving Time

When I left the states for a month at Christmas I thought there might be a huge backlash against Apple who had joined various other multinational corps in blackballing WikiLeaks – in this case by blocking apps to J. Assange’s site, but alas Apple is still considered cooler than God.

Anyway, I have failed at this assignment. I can’t think of any apps that save time.  Okay I make video and I can shoot more easily and cheaply, I can edit, post and distribure also more efficiently.  But just listed four jobs that I now do.  And that is just the beginning because this DIY movement means I also provide marketing, advertising, fund raising along with other creative (writing, lighting, soundtrack, etc)  So yeah I’ve been empowered to be a one man industry but I am still one man.  I keep returning to Debord – the general movement of capitialism is isolating labor – the “goal” of the spectacle being “to rebuild society without community.”

BUT I will say I love my Kindle/e-texts.  I love being able to find quotes quickly and books are too heavy!  And goodbye to LPs and CDS, I don’t miss you. And I love moving quickly amid my media, and having it travel with me so i can play my favorite songs anywhere for anyone. And I feel bad for the guy whose only claim to fame was knowing every musical facotid – no one talks to him at parties anymore. With any luck he has switched to providing escoteric information about computer stuff.

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(99) Fordism and Post-Fordism

The design thing always makes me feel a bit wary … it’s like when Wired or some other upbeat greening force starts talking about smart cars and how one will be alerted to open parking spaces as if the problem were one of communication, when clearly the parking problem is one of supply and demand. Perhaps parking isn;t “designed” to be utterly insane, but it does evolve into an orderly money making scheme (esp by public powers) as well as reflecting the underlying economic realities … Can social relations be re-designed if they are constructed within the same economy?  I don’t know, but the commodification of green seems no less historically limited than the Industrial Revolution … I’ve been trying to find Jenny Diski quote (to give my cynicism a shot of validity) but can’t find it (darn internet) on the cradle to grave argument vis a vis biology and greed – an argument (if I recall) that states all this pollution and extinction is going according to plan and as creatures of nature we are booming before going bust – not really much to do with corporations versus anyone or anything

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Mary Douglas Reaction (99)

  REALLY enjoyed her voice! I would like to find such a mix of personal and professional myself.

Of course there are many things I like about the content as well, but it is more interesting for me to focus on what I take issue with, which is the degree to which she wants to debunk materialist readings of hygiene.  If the goal is to find critical approaches that are not exclusionary, that sounds fine to me. If the goal is to identify the dialectic between order and disorder and make space for the strange, I’m all for it, but I hate to see the Marxist baby go out with the waste water.  I was especially surprised to see the example from India because the class structure is so obviously woven in with hygiene (and still is! http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/2231011.stm).  What a great example of how real material conditions (like waste being harmful) become (and reinforce) ruling ideas justifying the stratifications of power (from the cleanly Brahmins and religious authorities “down” to the untouchables who touch waste). In this sense the modern is very different from the primitive because modern life by definition offers opportunities to deconstruct the ideas of order taught by tradition. This is a historical argument: that at certain points, different kinds of consciousness allow for different kinds of thought. I appreciate the desire to find a middle ground between ritual and reality, and to argue for shared structures, but I would resist collapsing the modern and the primitive.

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Hello world!

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